"I have used Avadata's Liquid Jaggery in some of my bakes since I am always looking for healthy sweeteners that can replace white sugar in my baking. It is an excellent product and the flavour it lends to Indian and Western dishes is absolutely stunning - that is how diverse its use is ! I used it in Baked Phirni and in Caramel Custard, and the results were amazing ! Needless to say - its super healthy too ! "

Simran Oberoi Multani, Founder & Chief Baker - Ovenderful, Bangalore  

"Avadata Organics Sambar Powder - Here is a homemade tasty, mouth-watering sambar that brings you the authentic South Indian flavour and unforgettable aroma. A MUST TRY SAMBAR POWDER! "

Preena Rajesh, Homemaker, Dubai 

"I have been using Bella Liquid Jaggery for the past 6 months. Use it in lieu of sugar. It's a wonderful way of keeping my mornings refreshed. Smooth, sweet and liquid melt-in-your-mouth. Just perfect! "

Nandita Mohini, Homemaker, Bangalore  

"Bella Liquid Jaggery, it’s the talk of our family. I’m a bed coffee person with lots of morning sugar to get me off the bed. I bumped into this product a year back, just inquisitive to try something new. I have replaced granulated processed white sugar to natural liquid Jaggery and almost all my sweet dishes like Pancakes, Cakes, Cookies, Sweet Pongal, Unni Appam and Poha Kesari.

I always missed my Mom’s sambar being away from home, recently I discovered this brand Avadata Organics Sambar Powder which is just the same flavor and aroma as the way my mom makes. If you enjoy typical Bangalore sambar you should try this. Have tried Rasam Powder also it gives a nice flavor and aroma coz its farm fresh. Thanks for coming up with this recipe helping us eat healthy. Trust me I loved it and stock up Rasam in my fridge, never bored eating it with hot rice or just sipping it hot like a soup. "

Anitha H D, HR Manager, Dubai 

"The Bella Liquid Jaggery was of very good quality and we are using past 5 months. Clean and fresh. We made Kozhukatta (traditional Kerala snack dish) and Payasam (Sweet Dish) with it, the taste was authentic and it came out really well. We are now replacing our processed sugar needs with the Bella Liquid Jaggery. It's healthier and tasty. "

Shirley Sebastian, Homemaker, Bangalore  

"I used the Avadata Organics Chilli Powder and Pepper Powder till now. I inaugurated it by first using them in Lamb Curry. It tasted really nice. I can say that it had very authentic flavour and taste. I would love to use it again. I am waiting to use all the other spice powders from Avadata Organics!!!

Rekha Suresh, Homemaker, Germany  

Bella Liquid Jaggery tasted natural and it was super easy to use. Didn't have to go through the ordeal of melting and straining and above all it was clean.

Radhika Muralidharan, Director HR, Bangalore  

"Bella Liquid Jaggery has been a useful replacement for Sugar for us. Much appreciated for its liquid form to use it in Tea, Coffee, Sweets or Breakfast items. My children love it.

Rachel Santosh, Admin Professional, Bangalore  

"I loved Bella Liquid Jaggery - a tasty and healthy replacement for sugar in our daily intake of Tea and Milk. It’s a 100% natural product without any preservatives; an ideal sweetener for all!

Geetha, Technical Writer, Bangalore  

"I have replaced my tea with Avadata’s Bella - Liquid Jaggery and Milk. It tastes great and refreshing. I prefer the organic liquid Jaggery to stay healthy.

Smeja Paul, Social Worker, Bangalore  

"My grandson who is 4 years old simply loves the Avadata’s Bella - Liquid Jaggery....wants to have it with everything....dosa, idli, roti, and his favorite nimbu paani !

Girija, School Teacher, Bangalore