Anitha Chris Evert

Anitha Chris Evert

Managing Director

Anitha is deeply passionate about sustainable living and its ability to elevate one’s lifestyle at every step. Her main goal is to make premium quality products available to the end users, straight from the best organic manufacturers and farmers. She truly believes that living an organic and natural life can help make a real difference to our future well being, especially for the younger generation.

Besides sourcing and procuring superior quality organic products, Anitha also oversees essential day-to-day elements such as innovative product development, research, business development and marketing.

She also possesses a wealth of experience: with over 23 years of expertise across multiple domains such as Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Client Servicing etc.

Anitha’s entrepreneurial journey started back in 2002; when she began her first solo venture with a candle-making company called Clara Candles. 3 years down the line, she also started another venture called the Beanbag Design - an integrated marketing & communication service provider that specialises in providing cutting edge creative design and development solutions.

Besides graduating with a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore, she also secured a postgraduate diploma in web and multimedia from ISB - GS 10000 Women alumni. Furthermore, Anitha is also a Director at C & C eCom Solutions Pvt . Ltd.

She is very eager to use her extensive experience in order to encourage the use of eco-conscious and natural products for a positive impact on people’s health and the environment.