With each passing day, the number of problems related to health and environment that threaten future generations are on the rise. The need of the hour is to turn our focus from harmful chemicals to products that use 100% natural ingredients to keep the planet green in the coming years. Choosing organic certified products is also one of the best choices you can make for your children today. Even a small step towards going organic, can reduce your child’s daily exposure to harmful agricultural chemicals that are linked to cancer and hormone disruptions.

Avadata Organics was created from a strong passion to make mankind live healthier and wholesome lives, using sustainable and plant-based products. We want to spread awareness about the goodness of organic and naturally sourced products to truly benefit the health of people worldwide. The core philosophy envisioned by Avadata’s approach to sustainable living, is grounded in the common belief of living a better life without harming the environment and its wealth of resources. 

Avadata Organics strives to provide the best of organic products possible, starting from top-notch organic spices to organic oils. We believe in sourcing natural products that are free from harmful chemicals. Our work ethic also translates into the transparency we offer in our entire range of organic products, with clear labelling and ingredient listing. 


We want to become India’s most loved specialty natural and organic brand by keeping abreast of the latest research in nutritional ingredients required for a holistic lifestyle. To this end, we look forward to developing strong relationships based on trust and mutual benefit, with both our suppliers and our customers.